What is IDGF?

March 30th, 2008

IDGF stands for I Don’t Give a Fuck.

At first, this might sound contra-spiritual and even obscene.

But actually, IDGF is the best name that can be given to a very positive and deep spiritual state.

IDGF is not a state of animosity, despair or selfishness. On the contrary, one of the attributes of this state of being is unconditional love and unity with all.

The IDGF state can be achieved through extensive acceptance of what is. That is, a total abandonment of any resistance to life situations, the giving up of the ego will and wishes. It is achieved through flowing with the current to wherever it leads rather than swimming against it and pinpointing a certain target to reach.

At some point, after applying the total acceptance of whatever is, you reach a point where you don’t care whether something will happen or not, whether this or that will occur or not, you are happy and satisfied with whatever is, you don’t give a fuck about what is happening as you are unconditionally satisfied and happy. You have reached a state in which you live in parallel to whatever happens, you have reached the blessed state of IDGF.

You can find more information, guidelines and tricks for total acceptance and of how to reach the state of IDGF in the Blog section of the Guru’s Feet spiritual portal.

Remember: It is so easy to reach the IDGF state, it is so easy to embark on the path of observing and totally accepting whatever is. It is the mind that tries to make these so complicated as they are its enemies.